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Best Practices Across Asia-Pacific: The When, What, and How of Dexcom’s Real-Time CGM

60-minute program: 10:00 SST&HKT/11:00 JST&KST/12:00 AEST/14:00 NZST

Join us as our panel of three presenters, including Dr. Martin De Bock of New Zealand, Dr. Tatsuhiko Urakami of Japan, and Gary Scheiner, MS CDCES of the US, will share best practices in rtCGM integration, diabetes management systems, and treatment plans. This program is developed with the needs of CDEs, Dietitians , Nurse Practitioners, Nutritionists, and Physician’s Assistants in mind, and will be tailored to address the challenges that come with patient onboarding.

The event will be sixty minutes total, with three fifteen-minute presentations. The first will cover the recent U.S. ADA conference, observe long-term data that supports the early introduction of glucose monitoring beyond T1D and for all ages, and share experiences regarding the barriers and opportunities of early initiation in New Zealand. The second presentation will explain the differences between isCGM, rtCGM, and SMBG, and present original research comparing rtCGM systems among Japanese pediatric patients. The final speaker will share strategies for achieving TIR through rtCGM, go over issues and action plans through the Dexcom CLARITY system, and give advice for working with non-tech savvy patients and simplifying CGM data for new patients. The program will conclude with a live Q&A session and a sneak peek at upcoming Dexcom Technology.

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