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Best Practices Across Asia-Pacific: The When, What, and How of Dexcom’s Real-Time CGM

60-minute program: 12:00 SST&HKT/13:00 JST&KST/14:00 AEST/16:00 NZST

Endocrinologists and Physicians are invited to attend this program, which will center content around strategies for introducing and prescribing rtCGM systems to diabetic patients. Our speaker panel will include Dr. Martin De Bock of New Zealand, Dr. Tatsuhiko Urakami of Japan, and Dr. Sarah Glastras of Australia.

During the sixty-minute event, each presenter will have fifteen minutes to share on each of three topics. The first, “Is The Earlier, The Better?”, will look at the paradigm shift in standard of care to early glucose monitoring and early initiation beyond T1D for all ages, supported by long-term clinical data. This topic will also discuss real-life cases demonstrating the benefit of early adoption of rtCGM and the barriers and opportunities that come with phasing out SMBG. The second topic, “Are All CGM Created the Same?”, will compare rtCGM and isCGM and present original research on the clinical implication and future state for pediatric patients. Our final topic, “Real Time, Real Talk From an Endocrinologist’s Perspective” will share best practices from a clinical implementation workflow and multidisciplinary referral network standpoint, discuss challenges and solutions to overcoming clinical inertia integrating rtCGM in Australia, and share tips for clinicians hesitant to make the switch or struggling to differentiate between CGM systems. The program will conclude with a live Q&A session and sneak peek at upcoming Dexcom Technology.

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